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Get2Cop White Tote Bag

Get2Cop White Tote Bag

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37cm x 42cm (7cm gusset)


Organic Cotton Tote Bag. Twill Weave (170gsm). Made in India / Designed on the Isle of Wight. Wash Cool, Hang Dry.

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COP27 can only make real change if we are all united and part of the global strategy. We know the problems, we know how to fix them, but we need united action, now! If we all reduced our emissions by just 7% a year we can cut global emissions by half in just a decade. That will be our pledge and Get2Cop will empower you to help all of us reach a net zero future.Chris Long founded and organised Sport Aid and Run the world in 1986 to help the famine victims of Ethiopia and Sudan. 19.8 million people in 89 countries raised $35m and put pressure on governments to act. He wants us to do it again with Get2Cop – this time to save the world!